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Clancy's Cantina in New Smyrna Beach - Restaurant Review

I've been a fan of Cafe Verde for a long time. In fact, it's one of my favorite restaurants in the county. Well, sitting right next door to there and owned by the same people is Clancy's Cantina. For quite a while we keep saying we need to try Clancy's Cantina, but it seems we never get around to it. My husband's favorite kind of food is Mexican, so today it was his turn to pick where to go for lunch and he opted for trying this restaurant.

They are located on Flagler Ave. in New Smyrna Beach, within walking distance of some nice little stores and not far from the beach. (If you are in the area, be sure to stop off at the rock shop, which has some really neat things, including crystals, statues, jewelry, and more!). Clancy's offers indoor and outdoor seating, and the restaurant is nicely decorated and has good natural lighting. We were lucky in being able to get a seat next to the window, too.

We ate the chips and salsa as we checked out the menu, and I ordered an unsweet iced tea. We decided to order two dishes and share them, opting for the spinach and artichoke enchiladas, and the pineapple quesadilla (we should have said to hold the sour cream, because we don't eat it and it would be wasted, but we forgot). The enchiladas are served with rice and beans. The pineapple quesadilla comes in a full or half order size. We opted for the half order, since we were sharing the enchiladas. It turned out to be plenty of food for the both of us.

We both liked the food. The dishes are different than any other Mexican food I've had before, because I've never had ingredients such as artichokes and spinach in an enchilada, or pineapple in a quesadilla. It was different and tasty!

Two thumbs up for Clancy's Cantina. The restaurant is nice, the service was good, and the food was something different and tasty. Personally, I'd still rather go to Cafe Verde, but since my husband love's Mexican food I'm happy to go here with him when it's his turn to pick.

After lunch we took a stroll down the street to stop in the rock shop, followed by a drive on the beach. It was a great afternoon!

- Jacqueline

Here are pictures from our stop in at Clancy's Cantina in New Smyrna Beach today:











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