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Our first travel trailer!


A dream come true! This past Saturday we purchased our first travel trail. After years of wanting one and years of looking at many of them to find the right one, we did it. We love it and look forward to making many great family memories over the years.

True story... around six years ago I cut out a picture of a travel trailer and put it on the vision board next to my desk (a board of about 8 things I want in my life). I chose the picture because I liked the look of the trailer. A year ago we started touring trailers and looked at many... in September a salesman took us into the Keystone Bullet and all four of us fell in love. We especially loved the kids bunk area with the double windows, bookshelf, and we loved all of the natural light the trailer gets. A few weeks later we were still loving the thought of that trailer and decided it was the one we wanted. I then realized that it was the same exact travel trailer I had put on my vision board! The universe brought it to us... awesome!

Well, this weekend we took a road trip to Ohio to buy it. We went to a big dealership one hour away from where they are made, so we could save thousands off the price. It was well worth the road trip. Can't wait for us to have fun with this! Life is about experiences. I will blog about some of the places we stay in with our travel trailer! :)

- Jacqueline Bodnar




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Yay! So happy for you and your family. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures!! :)

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