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Paved bike trail in Orange City near Blue Spring State Park - Volusia County


My family has been for bike rides on the trail at Lake Beresford Park and we love it! Eventually, the trails will connect and become a 26-mile spring-to-spring trail that will go from Gemini Springs to DeLeon Springs. Recently, a new part of the trail was opened up. This new part can be picked up while on the Lake Beresford trail (once you get down by Blue Spring State Park), outside of Blue Spring State Park (opposite side of the road), or there is a parking lot for it at the end of W Blue Springs Ave off of 17/92. You have several options for picking it up and either only doing this leg of the trail or making it part of the Lake Beresford Trail to make it one longer ride (or run, walk, etc.).

We did the new leg of the trail along with the Lake Beresford trail, so total (we did around 12 miles, which was starting at Lake Beresford Park and riding down Blue Spring State Park, taking this new trail and back to the Lake Beresford trail and back to the park). The new leg of the trail is 5 miles round trip. If you pick it up off of the Lake Beresford trail it is 5 miles round trip from that point. You start out by going through a tunnel and then you will continue on, coming to a big bridge (what a workout!) that goes over the railroad tracks and provides a great aerial view. Continue on and the trail will end up ending at cul-de-sac, where you can turn around and head back. Along the way, there are benches and areas to rest. If you pick the trail up from the Blue Springs Ave parking lot, you can go to the left or right. If you go to the left you will end up coming to the cul-de-sac turnaround. If you go to the right you will cross over the bridge and make your way down to where it meets the Lake Beresford trail. The Lake Beresford trail ends at Blue Spring State Park.

Unlike many of the other paved biking trails in the county, this one is not a flat easy ride. Both this new segment and the Lake Beresford trail are a little more challenging, with a lot of uphill climbs. They will give you a great workout, and give you a peddle free coast that is great on the way down from each small hill that you climb. It's more challenging, but my kids did the whole 12 miles. We take a few short breaks along the way for drinking and snacking. Be sure to take drinks, snacks, and sunscreen. This is a great trail, as is the Lake Beresford segment! What a great long family bike ride!

Here are pictures from our bike ride at the new segment of the trail today:






View from the top of the bridge.




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