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2016 Keepin' Cool Summer Kick-Off Giveaway!


Are you ready for summer break? Ready or not, it's here! This is the last few days for local public schools, so it's a time to celebrate summer break. Sure, summer break is a time that is hot... that's why there's the "Keepin' Cool Summer Kick-Off Giveaway!"

In the Keepin' Cool Summer Kick-Off Giveaway you can enter daily to win prizes that will help keep you cool as the summer gets underway. The prizes will be given away each day, Monday through Friday, of this week. Kick off the summer with some free fun!

This giveaway runs weekdays from June 1, 2015 to June 7, 2015. Here's how you enter:

1. Visit the Facebook page each day to find the Keepin' Cool Summer Kick-Off Giveaway thread. Comment on that thread to get your entry in. The next morning the winner for the previous day will be pulled, using random.org. 

2. There are five days you can visit the Facebook page and enter (the last five days of the school year). That means there are five days you have a chance at winning one of the great prizes in the Keepin' Cool Summer Kick-Off Giveaway. Enter daily, but only once per day, please.

When the winner is selected each morning (from the previous days' entries) they will be tagged in the giveaway thread, as well as announced separately. You will have two days to message VCM with your contact information. If you do not, a new winner be selected in your place. 

Here is a list of the prizes up for grabs in the Keepin' Cool Summer Kick-Off Giveaway:

One $20 gift certificates for Whim Wham Art Studio, located in Ormond Beach (two winners, one gift certificate each)

Two free admission passes for That One Fun Place, located in South Daytona (one winner)

Two free skating passes for the Daytona International Skateway, located in South Daytona

Four $5 Kona Ice cups of shaved ice (two winners, two cups each)

Five family four pack of passes to Aqua Park in Edgewater for open swimming

Five small cups of frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog's in Port Orange

Five small cups of frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog's in Daytona Beach

Five small cups of shaved ice from Icy Paradise in Daytona Beach

Five small cups of Dippin' Dots from Icy Paradise in Daytona Beach


There will be 31 winners in this giveaway! The first winner will be pulled on Tuesday, June 2nd. The final winner will be pulled on June 8, 2016.

Every one of these companies provides an opportunity for you and your family to help keep cool this summer! Enter daily for your chance to win one of these great prizes!

The fun doesn't stop here, either! Be sure to take your kids to this FREE summer fun festival this Saturday: 

 Let's get this summer kick-off party started!

Disclaimer: There are no prize substitutions and the prizes cannot be traded in. VCM will not be held responsible for lost vouchers, passes, injuries incurred, etc. Winners assume all risks when participating in any of the activities. All winners will be randomly chosen using random.org. Winner names will be given to the company and they will send out prize vouchers to the winners.

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