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Rossi's Side Street Cafe in Port Orange - Review


Today my husband and I went to lunch at Rossi's Side Street Cafe in Port Orange. To be honest, what drew me to trying out this restaurant was all of the windows it has. I've seen the progression of it being built every time I pulled out of Wells Fargo and I loved how they had so many windows. All of those windows were inviting to me. 

I checked out the menu ahead of time online (I always do that) and saw they had a veggie burger. I was game for giving it a shot for lunch today. 

I really like the building and love all of the windows in this restaurant. It lets in a lot of natural light and it makes for a nice atmosphere. The diner offers tables, booths, some stools along the window, and a sitting area with a couch and chairs. Everything seemed nice and clean. You place your order and they give you a number that you put on your table. Once the food is ready they bring it out to you. 

We both ordered the veggie burger, which comes with fries, and we both got iced tea with it. The food is reasonably priced, with the veggie burger and fries costing $4.59. Our total bill with two meals and two drinks came to $14.04.

The food was brought out to us within minutes and looked pleasing. I love that they had a pickle spear on the plate and they didn't hold back with the toppings. There was plenty of onion (my favorite), lettuce, and tomato on the burger. Everything was good! We both liked the food and the iced tea (having good unsweet iced tea is important to me!). The staff were all friendly as they took the order, brought it to the table, and I even asked one if they could find out if the veggie burger was vegetarian or vegan (it does have some egg, so it's vegetarian). 

There is nothing else I would try on their menu being that I'm a vegetarian, but I did like what I had and will go back again! You can check out Rossi's Side Street Cafe's menu here.

- Jacqueline Bodnar

Here are pictures from Rossi's Side Street Cafe in Port Orange:







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