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My experience running the Bulow Woods Trail Run in Ormond Beach


For two years in a row, my husband ran the half marathon at the Bulow Woods Trail Run in Ormond Beach. He has done many runs, but says that by far those were his two favorite runs yet. Well, today, my family ran the 4.25 mile option of the Bulow Woods Trail Run. My husband slowed his pace to my level and we ran it together, which was really great. My kids ran up ahead of us on their own, aiming to make better time.

December 19th (9 days from now) will be my one year running anniversary. This was my first trail run, and I absolutely loved it! I am a nature lover and this was the best run I've done yet. I've hiked the same trails that I ran today, and loved every step of it. A trail run, as I learned today, is a great practice in mindfulness. You have to stay focused on what you are doing, or you risk being injured. It would be easy to twist an ankle in a hole, get a branch in the eye, or trip over a tree root if you were not paying attention. It's a run that is totally done in mindfulness. On a trail run you also run a bit slower than your normal pace, because the unique terrain and your body is even using some different muscles.

Being in nature on this run, I got to hear my favorite sound in the whole world - the sound of the wind through the tree tops. I heard the crunching of the leaves under our feet, too. It was lovely!

There are many people who do intervals (walking and running), so you can always start with that if you are interested in trying a trail run. I never do intervals, so every race I sign up for I run every step of it. This was also the longest run I had ever done. Typically, I run three times per week and usually run 2.5-3.1 miles each time, and once in a while run 4 miles. Today's 4.25 mile run was a new record length for me!

Runner's High Timing and Race Management organized and managed the race, which was sponsored by Halifax Health, and they did a fabulous job. The course was well marked and everything was great. My family had a fabulous time at this trail run!

This may have been my first trail run, but it's far from my last. I found that I loved it and I'm excited about already finding more trail runs to do in the future. 

- Jacqueline Bodnar

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