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Have cars speeding down your road at home? Check this out!

The law firm of Vasilaros | Wagner, located at 721 Beville Rd in South Daytona, is helping parents to get the traffic in front of their home to slow down. Check out the video below. They are giving away free yard signs aimed at telling drivers to slow down. Get one for your yard! You can stop by their office to pick up your own free yard sign.

Free Kids at Play Sign! Grab one today to help keep your neighborhood a little bit safer!

If you have managed to avoid Angry Cat's wrath and you would like to have one of our child road safety signs, we will be giving away 1,000 of them for FREE at the Vasilaros | Wagner office, located at 721 Beville Road, South Daytona, FL 32119.

Children Road Safety Statistics

According to Parents Magazine (one of our Top 40 Parenting Blogs You Need to Read to Keep Your Children Safe and Happy in 2017), "despite long-running campaigns to raise public awareness about pedestrian safety, nearly 400 kids age 15 and under are killed each year when they're hit by an automobile."  


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