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Discounted Wellness Payment Plans for your Pets in Volusia County

Discounted Wellness Payment Plans

 Every day we see clients come in with their beloved furry companions for a variety of reasons. Fluffy needs to get up to date on all of her yearly vaccines, blood work, fecal testing, and heartworm testing. Duke unexpectedly starting vomiting and having diarrhea at home for the past few days, and must be seen by your veterinarian to help him get better. Day in and day out pet owners are faced with these predictable and unpredictable events, and more than anything we want to provide for our pets in any way that we can. They aren’t just pets to us, they are our furry family members. So it is no news to pet owners that at any visit we all typically have one question…”How much is this going to cost?”.

Although we’d like to think that we can do whatever is necessary to help our pets, it is not always realistic financially. However, there are options out there that make it more feasible for all pet owners. Always ask your regular veterinarian what payment options they offer, and express all avenues before feeling defeated when trying to care for your furry loved ones. At Atlantic Animal Hospitals of Port Orange and Ormond Beach we offer just that! Our easy and discounted Wellness Payment Plans are designed specifically for you and your pet’s annual care, with your pocket in mind. With improvements being made every year, these plans are a no brainer and a necessity to make annual care for your pet a breeze.


These plans are divided into three options, all based upon which one fits you and your pet’s situation the best. The benefits are endless, and include things such as unlimited FREE medical exams and nail trims throughout the year! On top of that, you get the added benefits of all core vaccines being covered, blood work, fecal testing, and even dental cleanings. As you can see these plans were made to provide the best care possible for your furry companions, while being careful on the wallet.

There really isn’t any reason to hesitate with these plans! Stop in today to either our Port Orange office or Ormond Beach office and ask us why you should get started today. We can go over the details, and discover which plan is ideal for you and your pet. You can also click any of the links above to our website and find the petly wellness plan button at the top of our page.


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