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Renting a canoe or kayak at Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach

Woodham Woods Trail - Paved trail in Ormond Beach


If you are in the Ormond Beach area and you are looking for a short paved pedestrian trail, you are in luck. The Woodham Woods Trail is one mile long and goes through the beautiful woods. It's great for walking, biking, and running. If you do the trail round you will go two miles.

You can access the paved trail from two places:

2012 North Beach Street in Omond Beach - There is a sign with an arrow that is on the main road, showing you that's where 2012 is. The trailhead is right there and you will find a small area for parking your car. This trailhead is as the crossroads of North Beach Street and Inglesa Ave.

Tomoka State Park - Right across the street from Tomoka State Park you will find the paved trail picks up (where the crosswalk is). This is handy in case you are visiting Tomoka State Park for camping or for the day. We camped at this park and picked the trail up that way.

It's a very nice one-mile paved trail that goes through the woods, running parallel to North Beach Street. You can hear some of the vehicle traffic on the road, but you are surrounded by beautiful trees. The paved trail is nice and wide, so you can walk with someone, take a stroller, bike, etc.

Here are pictures of the paved Woodham Woods Trail in Ormond Beach:


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