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Protecting your furry family members with ProHeart6 for heart worm prevention


How many pet parents actually give their dog’s heartworm preventative each month consecutively on the dot?


Do you sometimes forget a month, or forget halfway through the month and think “Oh, my pet is okay because they got their pill last month”, and just give it when you remember? This unfortunately happens more than we may think, and because of this our pets are not being appropriately protected from the dangers of heartworm disease.

Heartworm prevention works in a special way in comparison to flea preventative. When we give our dogs’ heartworm preventative on the first of the month, it is not protecting them for the whole month to follow. What it is actually doing is killing off any heartworm larvae that may be present from any infected mosquito bites from the month before. Its purpose is to kill off the larvae at the early stages of its life cycle before it gets too late. This is why it is important to make sure that every month the heartworm medication is given on the exact day consecutively. By missing one day, you are increasing the opportunity for those heartworm larvae to develop into adults.

Immature heartworms can develop into adults in as little as 51 days! This means that one month missed, along with the prior weeks after the preventative is given, exceeds those 51 days unprotected, and could mean your dog now needs to be treated for heartworm disease. According to the American Heartworm Society, Florida is at high risk for heartworm disease in our pets; and there have been ranges of 6-25 cases of heartworm disease (even 26-50 cases) per clinic reported in 2016. This is a 100% preventable disease if we can just get all pet parents to make sure their pet is protected every month consecutively at the same time.


This can be a lot to take in, however, Proheart6 was designed to help alleviate this stress and pressure on pet parent’s every month, and alleviate the hassle of trying to get our pets to eat the heartworm pill. Proheart6 is an injection given just like vaccines, and it kills heartworms consecutively for 6 months. One simple injection for your pet, and six months of worry free heartworm protection for your dog. What else could you ask for!? Not only is this convenient for everyone all around, but it is also extremely affordable. Atlantic Animal Hospitals located in both Port Orange and Ormond Beach are now offering Proheart6! Contact one of our offices today, and we can answer any questions you may have about Proheart6 and get your pet started as soon as possible!

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