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Hurricane Safety for Pets!


As we all very well know living in Florida, we face the risk of experiencing dangerous weather such as hurricanes. With recent concerns of hurricanes approaching and occurring, it has become even more apparent why it is imminent to have plans in place for not only ourselves and family, but our pets as well. On many occasions pets end up getting left behind in the storm due to uncertainty of where families will be able to bring their pets. There is never any reason to leave our pets behind, or without shelter. There are plenty of pet friendly shelters to bring both your families and pets too, as well as safe places to board your animals in the event of an emergency evacuation. Typically emergency type animal clinics, or those animal hospitals linked with emergency animal hospitals will offer some sort of refuge for your pets if need-be. It is best to plan far ahead, however, and not wait until last minute as places like these will fill up very quickly. Atlantic Animal Hospital does offer this capability to those who are unable to bring their pets with them, however, it is typically only our Port Orange location due to safety reasons.


Don’t forget to always keep in touch with your regular veterinarian’s office to get updates as to what they are doing for any upcoming storms/emergent weather. They should be able to offer any information needed in relation to how to keep your pets safe. Atlantic Animal Hospitals will always keep their clients and community informed during events such as these, and can answer any questions or concerns. Facebook pages and company websites are great places to get current updates for business hour changes, and recommendations for pet safety tips and pet friendly shelters. This link also has great tips for preparedness: http://www.mochasmysteriesmeows.com/2017/09/15-tips-to-keep-your-pet-safe-before.html.

            Some tips we would recommend from Atlantic Animal Hospitals would be:

  • Look up all pet-friendly shelter options for your area: http://www.akc.org/content/news/articles/hurricane-irma-pet-friendly-shelters/
  • Research what animal hospitals in your area may be offering boarding options
  • Make sure to secure any boarding reservations well in advanced before boarding facilities are full
  • Have vaccine records in hand for all of your pets
  • Make sure all necessary vaccines are up to date before leaving
  • Make sure your pet(s) have enough food and water available.
  • Make sure your pet has tags/microchip in the event your pet escapes in the process of evacuating.

Emergency situations can be scary and stressful for us and our pets. The important thing is not to panic, but to just be prepared as much as possible and have a plan.


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