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For a couple of years now, I like to stop into Big Lots in Port Orange to see what type of organic products they have. It doesn't seem like a place like Big Lots would offer any healthy foods or organic products, but surprisingly, they do!

The good news is that the organic products you find are typically cheaper than what you will find in other grocery stores. Here's some things I found today at the Port Orange location. All products that I know my kids like and at all prices that I know are better than the grocery stores, with the exception of the mac and cheese, because I can get that often on sale at Target for $1 per box.

In this trip, I got double chocolate chip cookies for $1.50 per pack, bunny crackers for $1.25 per bag, cinnamon grahams for $2.00, and mac and cheese for $1 per box. I also usually buy veggie straws there, because they are only $1.90 per bag, which is a lot cheaper than most other grocery stores. Not pictured, I also got a nice size bottle of organic olive oil in a glass bottle for only $5.

Next time you are near Big Lots, stop in and check out their food section. You may be pleasantly surprised at the organic food choices that you can get there! Be sure to also sign up for their customer card. Using it earns you points toward getting coupons to use (such as a $10 off coupon), and the store often has days where everything in the store is an additional 20% off.

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