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My 2017 top book picks!

My 2017 top book picks!


Last year, I wrote my first post sharing my top book picks for the year. You can see that list here. My goal each year is to read 52 books, an average of a book per week. This year I read 58 books in all. There are probably half a dozen more books that I started, read numerous chapters of, didn't like, and axed it. Those don't go into the yearly count of books I read. This year I read a lot of good books, which makes it difficult to narrow down favorite ones. But I did it. Here are my top book picks for 2017.


Quite honestly this is one of the best books that I have ever read. It's incredibly insightful, thought provoking, and touching. I loved every single page of it and didn't want to put it down. This book is filled with so many great words of wisdom. The insight in this book can help everyone in their life. This is a book that I wish everyone would read! I discovered Karen Maezen Miller this year, devoured all three of her books, and began following her blog. She quickly became one of my favorite authors. I love her writing!


Two thumbs up for this look at what it's like to grow up poor, white, and defeat the odds and statistics to make something of yourself. I can relate a lot to this story because of those elements. I love that Vance doesn't blame the government or look to it to be a saving grace to help make things better. His message is loud and clear, that many of the problems can only be solved at home and in the communities, not by the legislation. Vance offers a raw look at the issues that white poor people experience, including working the system, addiction, learned hopelessness, and how only the people themselves can turn things around. Great book! 


Excellent read! The book is well researched and written. The only chapter I could have done without was the Joan Ocean new age stuff. Other than that, it was quite fascinating. While I knew dolphins were intelligent and fascinating beings, I learned a lot more about them and other marine life from this book. Two thumbs up Voice in the Ocean! This is a great book  that is very eye opening.



Great book! I really liked the author's approach to sharing research-based information, supported by real life situations, backed by offering direction on how to better get across the ideas that conservatives stand for. This book is well worth reading and will give you a lot to think about. 


This is a great book and one that is certainly needed in this day and age when people seem to communicate more through texting than in person. It was one of my favorite picks this year because not only does it have some good advice, but after reading it you become more aware of how you are conversing with others, and it makes you want to improve. When a book motivates people to want to do better then it's a great book! It's a quick read and well worth it for the information and motivation. 


Bonus pick - This book is eye opening and leads to making changes:

I went into this book already knowing how nasty and prolific plastic is in our lives, or so I thought. I must say that I learned even more from this book, and it will certainly alter the way I do things in my home as I seek to purge even more plastic from our lives. This book is something everyone should read and take notice of, because of the profound impact that the plastic has on our planet and our own personal health. Two thumbs up!

- Jacqueline Bodnar

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