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Volusia County doesn't get cold that often, but right now we are having the coldest period we have had in years. As a runner this brings on a challenge we are not used to - staying warm while out running! Two weeks ago, before it got so cold and it was just a little chilly outside, my husband gave me an early birthday present - a set of Trailheads running gloves and warm pony tail headband.

When it was time to run this morning it felt 23 degrees outside. Brr! I was going to wait until later when it warmed up a bit, but my husband encouraged me to get out there despite the cold. We both know if you put it off things can get in the way and it becomes more difficult to get the run done. So I put on my running gloves and pony tail headband and headed out.

The headband and gloves kept me nice and warm the entire time. They were comfortable, warm, and I loved them. The pony tail headband is great for runners who pull their hair back, because it has a spot in the back where the pony tail comes through. Two thumbs up for the Trailhead products!

Here's a couple of bonus things I love about them - the headband has a decorative swirl on it that is reflective (they also have ones that don't have the reflector). This is helpful if you are running when it's dark (think right before the time change). And the gloves have a Touchscreen fingertip, to make it easy if you use your phone on your run (or my Garmin in my case). 

Check out the TrailHeads Touchscreen Running Gloves I have and the Ponytail Headband, and see their other items. They have a great selection of hats and gloves that come in different styles and colors. I'm a Trailheads fan! I may be running in Florida, but this winter I'm staying warm while I do it!

- Jacqueline

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