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Review: MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza in Daytona Beach


July 23, 2018 - Follow up review to my initial review!

We were invited back to MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza in Daytona Beach so that I could try the pizza again, this time light on the garlic. I ordered the same vegan pizza, just light on the garlic. It was good! I would go back and order it again. I was glad that I had the opportunity to try it again. I don't know if the first time I went it was a fluke that it had so much garlic or not, but in the future I'll be sure to just ask for it to be light on the garlic. The other two bloggers I was with both had pizza as well (one had the margherita pizza and one had the gluten free one, both of them liked it. We also followed it up with trying the cannoli's, which were tasty! Two thumbs up this time around for MidiCi!




I've been wanting to try MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza at One Daytona for a while. Ever since someone mentioned to me that they offer vegan pizza I wanted to go try it. Last night, I met up with friends from Volusia County Bloggers there. I was finally getting my chance at trying the pizza.

I had a coupon for a free margherita pizza, but since I was ordering it with vegan cheese they said couldn't use the coupon. I ordered the vegan pizza with vegan cheese and added the vegan sausage. Two of the other ladies in our group also ordered pizzas and one ordered a salad. All three pizzas had vegan cheese. I was the only person in the group who hadn't been there before. The other ladies had and all like it.

My pizza arrived and it looked good. It looked better than it tasted, unfortunately. The  menu said that there was garlic on the pizza, but there was such an abundance of garlic that it was the only thing I could taste. It was overkill on the garlic and it choked out any other flavors. And I like garlic! But there were slices of garlic covering the pizza and it honestly tasted like a garlic pizza, it was just way too much. I brought leftover slices home to my husband and kids, who proceeded to say the same thing. It only had a very strong garlic taste. The other ladies seemed to like their pizzas and the one with the salad said "it's not bad."

The waiter surprised us at the end with a complimentary dessert to share, which was a nutella calzone. That was really good! It was far better than the pizza, and I don't even usually eat nutella, but it looked good, I tried it, and I liked it.

I liked the atmosphere at MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza, but was not a fan of the pizza that I tried. I would be willing to go back and try the non-vegan pizza to see if it's better, or order the vegan one again and leave off the garlic since way too much was put on this time around. I will give the place a second chance so that I can take the kids and use my coupon for the free margherita pizza. 

Pictured: Me (Jacqueline), with bloggers from Volley Mom, All Natural Savings, and Finding Happy in Healthy.





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