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I've been to Taco Shack in New Smyrna Beach many times, but I realized I've never done a review on here yet. So today is the day! 

We went to Taco Shack last night for dinner. Kids eat free on Wednesday's after 5 pm, so we took advantage of that last night. They offer several kids meals to choose from, including a quesadilla, taco, burrito, etc. They come with rice or chips, cookies, a drink, and an ice pop. Even not on kids eat free night, their kids meals are affordably priced at $2.99. My favorite dish there are the gnarly nachos. They are great! My husband also likes the sunset quesadilla. I also need to try their taco salad (minus the meat), because I saw someone eating it last night and it looks great.

Taco Shack is a small family owned restaurant. You walk up to the window, order your food, take a seat, and they bring it out to you. It's all outdoor seating and the seating is limited. It's a neat place where the food is tasty, reasonably priced, and you always get good customer service.

My only issue with Taco Shack, which makes me cringe every time I'm there, is the over-use of non-reusable resources. Everything is served on styrofoam plates/bowls, there's plastic utensils, and they offer no recycling for all the soda cans. So there's a ton of non-biodegradable plastic being trashed there each day, and just about everyone throws their soda cans in the trash (which take about 80  years to break down, yet are easily recycled). We always take our soda cans and little plastic cups home to recycle, but I'd love, love, love it, if they would take a step to be more eco-friendly, by using corn-based plates/utensils, which are better for the environment when being made and they biodegrade in the landfill, and if they offered a bin for recycling the soda cans. 

My environmental concerns aside, I'm a fan of Taco Shack and so is my family. We go there a couple of times per month and have told many people to check it out! If go, please take your soda can home to recycle! ;)

- Jacqueline


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