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Does your dog get motion sickness?


Do your pets love to travel with you and your family but get motion sickness when in the car? This happens more frequently than we may think and statistically about 20% of canines get motion sickness. This makes it hard on our pets and us as owners when we want to enjoy quality time with them but are concerned that they will get nauseous and possibly vomit in the car, etc. Instead of no longer bringing our pets along with us on fun adventures there is a simple solution. Cerenia is an anti-nausea/motion sickness medication that makes enjoying traveling with your pets possible. This link below is an informational piece on Cerenia by the manufacture Zoetis.

Watch the video and take the interactive quiz to see if your pet qualifies for motion sickness.

If you think your pet qualifies for motion sickness medicine then contact our office at Atlantic Animal Hospitals to have your pet(s) evaluated. Our doctors can examine your pet and find the best option so they can enjoy quality travel time with their family.  Atlantic Animal Hospitals has locations in Port Orange and Ormond Beach.


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