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Tomoka Brewing Comedy Tour Review in Port Orange


Friday night was date night! We haven't been on a date night for a while, but back in August my husband purchased a Groupon for a comedy tour that would be taking place at Tomoka Brewing Company in Port Orange. We have never been to Tomoka Brewing, but we love stand-up comedy, so we were happy to check it out, especially since it was so close to home. 

We had already eaten dinner before we went, so we just ordered some beer battered onion rings and drinks. My husband started with a flight of beer, so that he could try several kinds he was interested in (he followed it up later with ordering a glass of the one he liked the best). I had my usual unsweet iced tea. The onion rings were really good, as were the drinks. Being that it was a comedy night, they really packed people in. I can't imagine that seating is that tight on nights when you are dining there and no comedy act is taking place. It was tight, but we were fine and having a good time. Service was great as well! I was also super happy to see that they are using compostable straws! I have written before about how I carry paper straws for when I dine out, but I didn't need them at Tomoka Brewery, which was awesome. 

The comedians were a lot of fun and kept us laughing. The headliner was James Myers, a guy who is an Ohio native who lives in New York. He was hilarious! We loved him. We had great laughs all evening, but he was cracking us up, he was great!

This was part of the Brewery Comedy Tour. The tour will be back at the Tomoka Brewing Company in Port Orange on October 26, 2018 and and November 16, 2018. You can get a Groupon deal for admission ($15 for two people or $25 for four). Make it a date night, it was a great time! We will likely go again, too. Two thumbs up for the Brewery Comedy Tour at the Tomoka Brewing!

- Jacqueline 

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