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I've been wanting to stop into Donnie's Donuts for a while now, because I heard they had vegan donuts every Friday and Saturday. It stayed on my radar and I went yesterday, since my daughter was out of school (I really wanted to take her there). Donnie's Donuts has two locations, one in New Smyrna Beach and one in Ormond Beach. Their donuts look amazing! They look fancy, like you are buying an upscale little treat. 

The New Smyrna Beach location offers outdoor seating for those who want to eat their donuts there. You walk up to the window and behind the glass you see the many flavors of donuts that are available. The flavors change with the days and they all look delicious! But I went to try the vegan donuts, so we stuck with buying those. They were $1.99 each (plus tax) or 6 for $10. We bought the six. They offer 2-3 flavors of vegan donuts every Friday and Saturday. They had three flavors available, so we bought two of each, so that we could all try them out.

The three vegan flavors we got to try were sugar, salted caramel, and maple walnut. The donuts look wonderful and they tasted every bit as good. I cut the donuts up so the four of us could try them all. Everyone loved every flavor. Two thumbs up way up for Donnie's Donuts! We loved their vegan donuts, but I'm sure their non-vegan ones are just as good. They sure do look it!

The other location of Donnie's Donuts is at 200 E. Granada in Ormond Beach. Stop into one of their locations and give their donuts a try. Whether you try the vegan or non-vegan donuts, you will most likely love them, just like we did!

- Jacqueline


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