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Host an exchange student from Spain this July!


Want to do something new this summer? How about hosting an exchange student from Spain? Just for the month of July, your family can host a student who will be honing their English skills and learning about American culture. In turn, you will also learn about their culture. It's great for your kids to have the experience.

My family hosted a student for two summers. You can read about our experience here. The month goes by fast, too! There is no fee to host and you don't get paid to do it either. All you do is provide room and board and a few rides to field trip drop-off locations if you are able to. During their stay with you, the program organizes several field trips to theme parks, so they will be gone those days. Your family can even join in on the fun on some of those outings and get discounted rates to do so.

This year, students will arrive in Volusia County June 28, 2019 and will leave to go back home on July 25, 2019. During that month that the student stays with your family, you can can show them the area, share your American culture with them, and get to know theirs.

Right now the Step Program is signing up families to host students for this July. It's an easy process and it's a fun experience. Contact Susan James for more information or to get registered. When she knows the list of students that will be participating this year you will be able to choose which one you want after reading their applications. That way you can find one that has some shared interests with your family.

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