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When we first moved to the Daytona Beach area, over 12 years ago, we discovered a little cafe in Daytona Beach that dished up some delicious Middle East food. It became one of our favorite places, and over the years we have gotten food from there many times. The diner is small inside, so once in a while we dine in, but most of the time we would get it to go and take it to the beach to eat. If we know we are getting it to go we typically call the order in and then it's ready when we arrive. Today, we stopped in again for lunch and ate inside.

We ordered a falafel sandwich (pita), stuffed grape leaves, spinach turnover, fried marinated eggplant, and baklava for dessert. The only one of these dishes we hadn't tried before was the marinated eggplant, which was in a sauce and served up with pita. Our favorite options there are the falafel sandwich, stuffed grape leaves, and spinach turnovers. We get those dishes every time we go, because they are staples that we love. Once in a while we treat ourselves to the baklava, which is delicious. You can choose baklava that has either walnut or pistachio (my husband chose walnut, I chose pistachio). 

The food at Pasha Middle East Cafe is always good. We really like this little cafe that has been around for a long time. The owner is the one who usually takes care of you when you order and he's always nice. Plus, they have a little store there that offers some Middle East foods and staples, including things like olives, sauces, rices, etc. You can also purchase pitas to take home with you and use to make your own wraps/sandwiches.

Pasha's is a bit of an icon in Daytona Beach. They have been in business since 1979. A restaurant doesn't stay open that long unless they are doing something right! Anytime we have ever been there they have a steady stream of customers, many of which seem to be regulars. They have a fan base in this county for sure. 

The cafe offers some indoor seating, as well as having a few small tables outdoors. They can't accommodate big groups inside, but you can certainly get the food to go and take it home, to the beach, the park, etc. While we are vegetarian (they are very vegetarian friendly), they do offer lots of other options, with something for everyone. If it's been a while since you were at Pasha's, go back. If you have never been there, stop in and give it a try!

Pasha's Middle East Cafe is located at 919 W. International Speedway Blvd. Visit their site and view their menu here.

- Jacqueline

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