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Dave & Buster's Daytona Beach Review


Dave & Buster's opens in Daytona Beach on Monday, March 11, 2019. They are located by the Tanger Outlets, right off the freeway.

Yesterday was the media day, which means that members of the media were invited to check it out. My husband and I went to see what it was all about. I've never been to a Dave & Buster's, so I didn't know fully what to expect. What we found was a pleasant surprise!

When you walk into Dave & Buster's in Daytona Beach you will find the gaming area off to the right, and the dining, bar, and sports lounge area off to the left. They had lots of food on display and out for us to sample. Being vegetarians, we were delighted to find that they are serving the Impossible Burger (plant based), and we got to have that and try some of the other dishes they have. Those who eat meat will love the array of options they have to choose from (see the menu here). You can dine in a quiet dining room area, or you can eat out where the big screens are and take in a sports game on the television.

I haven't played games like they have in many years, but I have to say we had a lot of fun playing them. We played pac-man, galaga, air hockey, skee-ball, raced cars, and more. It was a lot fun! 

Overall, we really liked the place and think it would make for a fun date night for a couple, or for a family. Their policy prohibits minors being there alone, so you can't drop your kids off and turn them loose. I think this is a great thing, because it's going to help maintain the integrity of the place, making it more comfortable for everyone. You can take the kids there for a family fun night, or adults can go have fun there sans kids. You can get a drink from the bar, walk around and play games, and grab some good food. 

We give Dave & Buster's in Daytona Beach two thumbs up! The food was good and playing the games was fun. We look forward to taking the kids back there for a family fun night.

- Jacqueline


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