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Poll Results: Teachers carrying guns question


This week, Governor DeSantis signed into law Senate Bill 7030, which allows teachers in the state of Florida to carry guns to school, providing they have met the training criteria.

According to the bill that was signed into law, the person must complete 144 hours of training, which includes 12 hours of diversity training, and 132 hours of comprehensive firearms training. The firearms training will include hours in such categories as precision pistol, discretionary shooting instruction, active shooter scenarios, defensive tactics, and legal issues. They must also pass a psychological evaluation and drug testing, as well as complete ongoing firearms training on an annual basis. You can read the full bill here.

Volusia County Moms posted a poll, asking people if they are in favor of the bill. There were 1,400 people who participated in the poll. In all, 53% of the people were in favor of teachers carrying guns, and 47% were against. To see the poll results on Facebook and read comments that were left on the thread, click here.

See the poll results below:


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