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Profitable Business Ideas for Moms in 2019

Profitable Business Ideas for Moms in 2019_2

The “mompreneur” term has become widely used, especially in circles where women virtually have two jobs: as a mom and an entrepreneur. There is a growing number of women who successfully manage this part of their time and activity. Women have started lately to put into practice their skills and passions. According to specialists in the field, there are several business ideas that are generally more profitable than others are. Below are presented some of those.

Start a Gift Shop

Business opportunities for stay-at-home moms are plenty, just finding the right one for you is a tad complicated. Starting a gift shop is an approachable and profitable business idea for moms. If you are a handy mom passionate about creating your own trinkets and gifts, you can start by selling those to gift shops or your close network. You can also purchase gifts from Amazon and eBay and proceed the same. In time, if the business idea starts to pay off, you can easily invest in a physical shop and become a full-time entrepreneur.

You don’t have to think of traditional gifts, either. You can choose virtually anything, from baked cookies and chocolates to books, and trinkets. The niche is generous enough for a mom with a vision like yourself.

When your business seems to take off, think about investing in a professional website or e-Commerce platform. This will help you expand your reach, and your business to become even more profitable, even if in the beginning a similar investment might seem a little high.

Start a Professional Pet Sitting Service

If you have a little time on your hands and you love pets more than the average person, starting a professional pet sitting business seems like an ideal choice. By choosing this business idea, you won’t have to make significant investments, and the pay-off is generous enough to allow you to easily grow in the future.

The scheduling is also flexible. You can choose to pet sit whenever your schedule allows.

If you want to take the business up a notch, open your own pet hotel. This will need higher initial investments and a superb marketing strategy. You will also need a professional website, where people can book pet “rooms” without physically travelling to your location. Of course, you will have to collaborate with a professional software development company to tackle this part, but it will pay off easily.

Become an Etsy Seller

Crafty moms can easily put their talents to work and sell their beautiful, intricate creations on websites such as Etsy. The costs associated with this start-up idea are minimal, and by selling on this platform, you will also get a lot of exposure. But it’s still a great idea to advertise your Etsy shop on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share the products and the creative process on these platforms, and you will expand your audience quite successfully.

Make Money Developing Apps and Software Products

If you are familiar with web and app development, you know how profitable a business model like this can be. Custom software development services also grow in popularity and profitability by the day. If you have the skill and knowledge, you can work as a freelance software developer. But creating the perfect product will require some work and dedication, just like parenting does.

But the niche is generous enough to fit a working mom like yourself. The software and app market is growing by the day. The vast majority of the businesses today invest in similar tools and systems to make their workflow easier and their businesses, more profitable. You can design build-to-order applications and offer software consulting services to businesses in your area.

Be an Angel Investor in Tech Start-Ups

Stay-at-home moms that can afford to invest in other businesses can take into account becoming an angel investor for tech start-ups. Being a venture capitalist has been, traditionally, an investment opportunity which was available only to accredited investors, up until 2016. Now, everybody with the capital can become an angel investor. Today, non-accredited investors can dispose of up to $2,000, yearly, in capital.

As an angel investor, you can find talented tech-oriented businesses in your area and help them open and operate their businesses. Angel investors target businesses which otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to operate in a highly competitive sector. The financial returns for angel investors can be massive if the businesses targeted are chosen carefully. The tech sector is now growing at a fast pace and most businesses in the field end up being highly profitable.

Be a Virtual Wellness Coach

When thinking about what type of business you should open as a stay-at-home mom, the secret is finding something that you love. And as you would expect, mothers do love some me-time, even if this is a hard-to-attain goal. If you want to help others perfect their wellness strategies and ease their minds, becoming a virtual wellness coach is a great perspective for someone like yourself.

You can organize wellness classes online, at a frequency which helps you tackle your scheduled tasks easily. You can go for weekly, bi-monthly or monthly online wellness classes. This will help you help others like you to achieve higher relaxation levels. Only think of the number of young mothers who lack the necessary time to attend such classes in person. Online courses will come as a convenient way to ease their minds and pay more attention to their bodies.

Become a Mom Blogger

Blogging is one of those business ideas that will never get old. In fact, it seems to be a preferred business model by a growing number of people, especially stay-at-home mothers. You can start a blog with virtually no initial investments, by using platforms such as WordPress or Blogger. With a blog, you can share your thoughts and passions and you can make money through affiliate blogging, guest blog posts, and ads. The schedule is depending on you entirely, but the most frequently you post, the more likely to gain a larger audience you are.


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