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3 Important Tips Before Starting a New Health Regimen


3 Important Tips Before Starting a New Health Regimen

Starting a new diet or workout routine can both be exciting and nerve racking. We are excited to start our new healthy lifestyles, yet we are worried about falling short of our goals. This is completely normal, especially if we’ve had difficulties in the past. With so much health and wellness information being passed out nowadays (frequently from individuals without licenses or proper education requirements), it is hard to figure out what to believe. This is why seeking educated advice from trusted professionals is so important before beginning any fitness program or diet regimen. Here are 3 important tips we suggest you consider before starting any new health regimen…

  • Get Evaluated First

If you are beginning a brand new workout regimen, whether you are experienced or not, it is highly recommended that you seek a fitness professional and register for a full body health evaluation. A proper health evaluation is not just tracking your weight and measurements, yet it is a physical analysis of mobility restrictions, structural imbalances, stability tests and more. Pending the evaluation results, that will determine the appropriate and safe workout regimen for you.

Likewise with starting a new diet, we recommend contacting your primary physician and requesting a full panel of blood work to be conducted. This will test for any vitamin, mineral or hormonal deficiencies, which will be important to know before you waste any money on supplements or start aggressively eliminating types of foods. A food sensitivities test may also benefit individuals with a prior history of digestive concerns but it’s important to note that more research has to be done before solidifying the accuracy of these tests.

  1. Increase Water & Fiber Intake

The majority of the clients I work with most often have one thing in common and that is a severe deficiency in daily water and fiber intake. Before making any drastic changes to your daily routine, consider tracking these two important components to your health. A loss of sweat equal to 2% of body weight causes a noticeable decrease of physical and mental performance.  Losses of 5% or more of body weight during physical activities may decrease the capacity for work by roughly 30%!

When it comes to the importance of fiber, consider fiber equivalent to a pipe cleaner. It is what keeps your intestines running smoothly without “clogs” while also helping with toxin elimination, controlling blood sugar, decreases chances of heart disease and more. A “rule of thumb” to remember when it comes to daily fiber intake is, 14g of fiber per 1,000 calories in your daily consumption. More often than not, before my clients alter anything else regarding their diets, making these two simple changes helps them lose some initial weight and build confidence moving forward.

  1. Understanding Your Current Calories

I’m a huge advocate for the importance of tracking calories and truly knowing for certain how much of each nutrient we are fueling ourselves with. Thus, we know what changes we need to make when we see our body’s react in specific ways. Do you have to do this to achieve your goals, certainly not. But, it can definitely help! Where the problem comes in, we are seeing a rise of chronic under-eaters. Individuals that may have hopped from one diet to another, constantly being in a bigger and bigger caloric deficit year round. Eventually, there comes a time when you simply cannot reduce calories anymore without causing long-term damage to your health. Getting with a certified Nutrition Coach so you know how many calories is right for you while tracking said calories is one of the very first steps that have to be completed before hopping on any other popular trends.

Starting a new health regimen should be enjoyable but in a world filled with advertisements, trendy fads and information being passed out every few seconds, there needs to be appropriate steps taken before making any drastic changes. Please realize, there are no quick fixes to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. It takes hard work, consistency, patience and accountability. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you have any questions regarding health and fitness, never hesitate to reach out to us at CoachTaz.com.


Coach-Taz Taylor “Coach Taz” Rodriguez, certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, is Owner and Head Coach of Taz Fitness & Nutrition. Taz Fitness specializes in workouts and meal planning for busy adults to help them feel more athletic and improve the overall quality of life despite their time restraints. He provides personal training and coaching services in Volusia County, including to those in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, and beyond. To read more about his experience, to begin coaching with Taylor, or to request a free consultation, contact us today.

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