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Best Place for men's and boy's haircuts in Port Orange


Looking for a great place to take your son for a haircut in Volusia County? Does your husband need a great place to get a haircut? Check out Cheryl's Place! Located in Port Orange, Cheryl's Place caters to the males. Cheryl only cuts men's and boy's haircuts, and she spoils them like crazy. The boys will love it. She play children's movies in the waiting area, she has lots of snacks set out, and she has a treasure chest filled with toys. Once your boy finishes getting his haircut, he can pick a toy from the toy chest (pictured below)! 

Cheryl barber shop first haircuts for your little ones, too. Just let her know it's the first cut and she has a little keepsake she will give you that you can save a lock of hair in. Your men and boys will love going to Cheryl's for their haircuts! No appointments necessary. She is in Tuesday through Friday from 9:30-5, and on Saturday from 9:30-3.  Cheryl's is located in the offices section of the All Aboard Storage complex. 

Cheryl's Place
5889 South Williamson
Suite 217
Port Orange, FL
(386) 214-1258



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