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Volusia County Voting



Volusia County Voting

If you live in Volusia County  you will want to know about voting. Volusia County offers early voting opportunities, vote by mail, and voting the day of elections. You will need to know where your voting precinct is so that you can go there to vote if you want to do so on the day of the election. Here is the voting information you need, so that you are ready when there is an election. 

Volulsia County Voting Links:

If you are interested in political party information:

Please try to make it a priority to vote for national and local elections. Most people don't turn out to vote in mid-term, or off-term, elections. Yet you are often voting on important issues that have a local impact, such as for city and county council members. All elections matter, so please take a moment to let your voice be heard and vote! 

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