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Does your city in Volusia County no longer recycle glass? Some cities have stopped picking up glass in curbside recycling programs, due to the lower demand for recycled glass. Others may live in apartments where recycling is not offered. You still have options to have your glass (and other items) recycled and reused, depending on the type of material it is. If you live in Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Orange City, or another city in Volusia County and you want to have your glass recycled you can drop it off at the county's recycling drop-off locations. 

Volusia County offers numerous recycling drop-off locations. It's easy to drop your items off at these places, and by doing so they will get recycled or reused, depending on the materials. Clear glass bottles and jars, green glass bottles and jars, and amber/brown glass bottles and jars can all be dropped off at the recycling centers to be reused. This means if you live in an area that is no longer picking them up through curbside recycling that you can save them up in a box in the garage and then once every couple of weeks or once a month you can simply drop them off at one of the recycling drop off containers.

Due to their being no market for buying glass to recycle (it's cheaper to make it new than to recycle it), even this glass that you drop off is not being recycled. It is being reused, for making roads and alternate daily cover in the landfill. So while it is being used for something, it's not being recycled into new glass. 

Also, please keep in mind that you should not put electronics out to the curb to be put in the landfill. These items, including televisions, computers, printers, etc., can all be dropped off at the Tomoka Landfill or the West Volusia Transfer Station for recycling. If you have decent items that can still be used by others, such as furniture, consider taking a photo of them and listing them for free on Volusia County Curb Alert. This will help keep good items out of the landfill and will help others who  could use those items.

For more information on recycling drop-off sites in Volusia County, including what all you can drop off at them, click here.

Here is a list of the recycling drop-off centers in Volusia County: 

East Volusia Locations


 Halifax Fire Station 12

 at 1979 Taylor Road

 Port Orange

 Tomoka Landfill (customer assistance available)

 at 1990 Tomoka Farms Road

 Holly Hill

 Road & Bridge Daytona 3

 at 455 Walker Street


 Halifax Fire Station 13

 at 15 Southland Road

 New Smyrna

 South Beach Fire Station 21

 at 4840 S. Atlantic Ave.

 Oak Hill

 Oak Hill Fire Station 22

 at 213 N. U.S. Highway 1


Northwest Volusia Locations

 Pierson     (OIL IGLOO ONLY)

 Pierson Fire Station 44        (OIL IGLOO ONLY)

 at 132 N. Fountain Dr.

 DeLeon Springs

 DeLeon Springs Fire Station 41

 at 5007 Central Ave.


 Kepler Road Fire Station 42

 at 1885 Kepler Road


 Glenwood Fire Station 46

 at 920 Glenwood Road


 West Volusia Transfer Station (customer assistance available)

 at 3151 E. State Road 44


 St. Johns Fire Station 45

 at 2580 W. State Road 44


 Spring Lakes Fire Station 32

 at 2850 Firehouse Road


Southwest Volusia Locations


 Indian Mound Fire Station 34

 at 1700 Enterprise/
Osteen Road


 Osteen Fire Station 36

 at 180 N. State Road 415

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