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8 Cleaning hacks that you should know

8 Cleaning hacks that you should know

Is it time to clean the house again? Regardless of whether you like cleaning or not, maintaining the entire house is often tiring and time-consuming.

Even if you live in an apartment, dust piles up and the floors require frequent attention even if it's a small place.

Are you struggling to clean your coffee machine or a greasy oven? Have you tried everything to remove water stains from your faucets? If nothing works, it might be time to try some new cleaning hacks and tricks.

Check the article below as the owner of, shares some of the best cleaning hacks he learned at his apartment while in college.

  1. Give your faucets a new shine

All you need for this trick is wax paper to rub the faucets with. Keep in mind that you should only use this on chrome faucets. If you use it on another type of sink it could cause the coating to become damaged.

Clean the faucets as you normally do with whatever cleaning supplies you use. Once they’re nice and clean, grab your wax paper and rub the faucets with it. It might seem a bit odd, but it works.

You’ll notice how your faucets stay shiny even with regular use. If you have other chrome surfaces like a shower curtain rod, you can use the same method to give them a shine.

  1. Cleaning the electric kettle

An electric kettle works on electricity, so you can’t really wash it in the dishwasher or your sink. Much like all things that are in constant contact with water, a kettle requires occasional descaling and cleaning.

Luckily, this is pretty simple to do with some water and vinegar or half a lemon. Fill the kettle with water and lemon juice and bring it to boil. Let it sit for another fifteen minutes before rinsing a few times.

If it requires some more thorough cleaning, you should boil a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. Make sure to rinse the kettle before using it again.

  1. Keep the sink shiny

The first hack here is to clean the sink at least a little bit every day. Some people consider the sink to be the last dish you should wash if you want to keep it nice and shiny.

Still, we don’t always have the time, so it ends up looking a bit messy. Don’t worry if yours does too because there’s a trick to help the situation.

Spray some water on it and sprinkle a bit of baking soda. If you don’t have baking soda, you can mix water and an equal amount of vinegar to spray the area with. Let that sit for some ten minutes before scrubbing and washing it.

  1. Get to the nooks and crannies of your oven

It’s not as simple to clean all the nooks and crannies of an oven, especially if you waited a bit too long to clean it.

Breaking through that grime is quite tricky, but not if you use a Magic Eraser. These are quite simple to use and also very versatile, so you can use them on glass too. Plus, they come in larger packs and are pretty affordable.

It takes only a few minutes for a Magic Eraser to break through the sticky grime in your oven. This makes it easier to clean without using harsh chemicals.

  1. Keep your toilet brush fresh and clean

Toilet brushes are nobody’s favorite thing to clean, but they still require an occasional rinse. A good trick to use is to pour some detergent in the brush holder. Once you place the brush inside, it will smell nicer and fresher and also stay clean for a longer time.

You can pour pretty much anything inside the holder. Some people pour hand soap while others use dishwashing detergent. You can even pour a multi-surface cleaner inside or whatever other product that smells nice.

On the plus side, the extra product on the brush might help clean the actual toilet as well.

  1. Get a versatile vacuum cleaner

Having a versatile and reliable vacuum makes the process of cleaning the floors much easier. What’s a good vacuum typically depends on your needs and preferences. However, make sure the unit of your choice is lightweight, easy to use, and has a few attachments and tools.

This might seem like a pricey hack, but having a vacuum to clean the floors, stairs, and upholstery with makes a significant difference.

Also, you can use your vac to fresh up your carpets with a little bit of baking soda. Sprinkle some on the carpet and let it sit for a while before vacuuming the entire area. This should freshen and sanitize the rugs a bit.

  1. Use Windex to clean the walls

Do you have some crayon marks on your walls? These are typically a cause for panic because it’s tricky to clean them without taking the paint off.

However, there’s a way of doing this by using Windex. Spray some product on a microfiber cloth and gently pat the area. Make sure not to scrub or rub because that would most definitely damage your paint.

Also, you should first test this on a discreet part of the wall. Some walls are different than others, so you should first check if this would work or not.

  1. Multi-purpose vinegar

You may or may not know, but pretty much everything can be cleaned with some vinegar. For this reason, you don’t have to buy several products when you can just one thing in a few different ways.

Just mixing some water with as much vinegar makes for a good cleaning solution you can use on most surfaces. If you don’t like the smell, you can add some of your favorite essential oils.

Do you have some pencil marks on your couch? Mix a bit of water, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent to rub the marks with. Again, you should first try this on a remote part of the couch that’s not as visible.



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