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Purchase Tickets Here:
I can also accept the Payment through Paypal,Zelle,Venmo or FB. Or in Cash prior to the event. No Walk-ins allowed, No exceptions. I need the funds to purchase all items for the event!

Read Below for all the Details:

This year Beatz Sweets wants to Host a Special Easter Egg Hunt for all of our wonderful visitors who continue to Support our Small Business!

We want to keep this event Small & Simple so that everyone can enjoy a nice day on our little private farm without it being overly crowded. That is why we will only have a certain amount of Tickets Available. The Cost will be $25 per Car no matter how many guests you can fit in your vehicle(be safe of course)! Your ticket will be checked at the Gate upon entering, No Walk-ins.

Your $25 donation towards this Event will be used for purchasing all of the candy/eggs for the Hunt & Unlimited Refreshments/Snacks to Enjoy during your Visit! We hope to have enough Funds left over for some little Extras like a Bounce House but that will all depend on the turn out in ticket sales.

We will be Open 11 am-2 pm. Egg Hunt starts at 12 pm Sharp! The rest of the time you are free to play with the animals,enjoy the snacks & do any of the Activities.

Our Farm Shop will also be Open in case anyone wants to purchase any of our Homemade Goodies like Jams,Candles,Soaps,Farm Decor and More!

Beatz Sweets Farm may be small but we pack a lot of fun! The animals you'll see include Sheep, Lambs, Pigs, a Donkey, Two Mini Ponies, Bunnies,Baby Bunnies Baby Chicks, Lots of Chickens,& some Ducks. We usually have our Loveable Farm Dogs out & about but for this Event we are probably going to have to keep them in because of the candy eggs that will be everywhere on the ground. Perhaps after the hunt we can release them to play too!

We are located at 32607 Foxfire Lane in DeLand.

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