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We consume a lot of produce each week, and I always like to give it a good cleaning to remove impurities. For years, I used the commercially sold produce wash, but I always wondered if it really did anything. So I went searching for the answer to that and what I found was that it didn't seem to do much beyond just using water. However, I wanted something more than just water, so I kept digging.

I love Dr. Gregor, who has the NutritionFacts.org website. All of the information that he provides is based on published research, and he's always careful to consider if there are biases associated with the funding of the studies. I trust the information he provides, so I was happy when I found an article and video on his site about the best way to clean fruits and vegetables. While using just water removes some of the impurities, you can remove nearly 100% of them with a vinegar solution. But he offered an even more affordable option that is just as effective as using white vinegar... a salt solution!

Using his recommendation, I create my own produce wash. I bought a spray bottle and salt, and then made a batch of it. You use 1 part of salt to 9 parts of water. My bottle holds two cups (16 ounces), so I made my produce wash solution using 1.5 ounces of salt, and then filled it up the rest of the way with water. I shake the bottle and then let it sit on my counter by the kitchen sink, since I use it so frequently. 

When I'm ready to wash produce, I put the food in the colander in the sink, spray it with my salt water produce cleaner, move the produce around, and then clean the salt water off under water, and then dry as normal. Be sure to wash all the salt water off, so that you are not adding salt to your diet. It's that simple, and it's very cheap to make!

Creating your own salt water produce wash is an affordable way to clean your fruits and vegetables. It will remove nearly all of the impurities.

- Jacqueline

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