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How To Make Meal Planning Fast, Healthy, and Simple For Any Busy Mom


How To Make Meal Planning Fast, Healthy, and Simple For Any Busy Mom

Have you ever sat at the table contemplating what to prepare for lunches and/or dinners each night? Frustrating isn’t it? How about when you started that new diet but had no idea what meals to make or even what was considered “healthy.” Yep, been there. 

Listen, I get it. Parenting (and life in general) can be overwhelming. That is why the last thing you should have to worry about is what food to prepare while wasting energy on researching if a particular food fits your diet or not!

This same strategy I’m about to share with you is literally what my wife and I have been doing the past 5 years to make our lives as simple as possible…

Get out a piece of paper and mark out 4 sections.

1 - Proteins

2 - Carbohydrates

3 - Fats

4 - Vegetables

Next, go through each section and write down 3-6 food options that primarily are categorized in each of those sections. Example: the protein section would include chicken, beef, fish, etc. Carbohydrates would include rice, beans, potatoes, etc. and just keep working through each section until you’re done. If you have trouble coming up with foods, contact me and I’ll email you my grocery store cheatsheet :)

Once you have all of your foods listed in each section, then you simply pick one food from each section and BOOM, that is your balanced and nutritious meal. Repeat this process for however many meals you need to prepare for yourself and/or your family. Just remember to pick up several spices, herbs, and natural sauces to “spruce up” your meals so they don’t taste bland!

Just imagine walking into the supermarket confident and stress-free, knowing your meals are basically already done. Imagine the energy and time saved by following this simple meal plan! This strategy may be simple, but it’s effective and it continues to help my own personal clients to reduce confusion and provide a clear plan that will lead them towards achieving their personal health goals.

If you are in the pursuit of achieving a diet goal, strategies such as this and many others are included in my free downloadable Healthy Lifestyle Starter Guide. Download today so you have a clear blueprint of what to eat and how to succeed with your diet!


Coach-TazTaylor “Coach Taz” Rodriguez, certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, is Owner and Head Coach of Taz Fitness & Nutrition. Taz Fitness specializes in workouts and meal planning for busy adults to help them feel more athletic and improve the overall quality of life despite their time restraints. He provides personal training and coaching services in Volusia County, including to those in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, and beyond. To read more about his experience, to begin coaching with Taylor, or to request a free consultation, contact us today.

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