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When my kids were little we had what was called "book time" each day. Our house was filled with many children's books, and we would grab 7-10 of them off the shelf for daily book time. We'd lay on the bed together and we would read through all of the books together. It was great! Now they are both teenagers and those days are gone, but I highly recommend doing it with your younger kids. Surrounding your children with lots of books is a great way to teach, entertain, and share.

Over the weekend, I got three new children's books in the mail that are part of a new series created by a local author, Sarah Beliza Tucker. She and her husband own Stan Lee's Martial Arts in Ormond Beach. She has decades of experience in children's media, including working in theater, animation, and video game production. At Stan Lee's Martial arts, she created a character development program for the students, and many of those principles come through in these books.

Sarah's new series is called "The Adventures of Harry & Friends," which follows the adventures of Harry as he makes his way through many of the life experiences that all children can related to, such as making new friends and overcoming challenges. The books focus on such things as competition, being respectful, healthy living, perseverance, and more. There's also a martial arts theme, which is really neat (hey, my son does martial arts). This series teaches kids about many of the important character aspects that are so important, but seem to be often overlooked in today's world. From these books kids will learn more about morals and character.

These books make a great addition to any child's home book collection, as well as for classroom collections. They provide a solid lesson, all in a fun story that the kids can relate to. If you read these books with your children, like we used to with daily book time, it gives you something to discuss and work on, too. Kids can focus on the lesson once book time is over, putting it into practice. The story is also set to great illustrations on every page, which help keep the story entertaining. The illustrations are done by a Florida artist, Adam Ihle.

Two thumbs up for the new "The Adventures of Harry & Friends" book series! There are several books available now, with more in the works in the series.

Check out their website here, their Facebook page here, and the video below.

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