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Kale Cafe Bottled Salad Dressing


My friends at Kale Cafe have taken the tasty salad dressing that they use in the restaurant and have bottled it!

You can now pick up bottles of their vegan salad dressing at the restaurant, which located at 116 N Beach Street in Daytona Beach. They are also working to get it into area stores, so soon you may be able to pick it up at a store near you. If you have a store and would like to carry it, be sure to reach out to them for the details.

The dressing is vegan and can be used on salads, as well as for marinades. In the restaurant they use it on their famous kale salad (which you have to try if you haven't already). I served it up on a greens salad last night with a spaghetti dinner. Everyone liked it, but my husband loved it.

I've known the owners of Kale Cafe, Camille and Omar, since before they had their restaurant. They are great people who have a big family filled with sweet kids. Their dressing is named after their youngest son, Judah, because he loves to drink the dressing. It's that good! 

If you are looking for a great vegan salad dressing be sure to give Kale Cafe's Judah's salad dressing and marinade a try. And while you are visiting Kale Cafe, you may want to try one of their dishes. I love their seitan Philly and the veggie burger (among other dishes). In fact, my son says they have the best veggie burger anywhere! Every Tuesday, they offer their veggie burgers for only $5 each. 

- Jacqueline

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