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My pick for best Chinese takeout in Port Orange

Mei fun, sesame tofu, vegetable fried rice from Red Bowl in Port Orange.

It's always good to have a place nearby where you can consistently get good Chinese takeout. It took several years for me to find what I think is the best Chinese takeout in Port Orange. Trust me, we tried every place around that we could find. Some of the places were just okay, and others were not very good at all. 

The first time I went to Red Bowl in Port Orange I dined in with a friend. It wasn't all that good to be honest. This is because I like the idea of ordering several dishes of Chinese food and sharing them family style. Dining in person I had one dish and that was it. When I tried it take out style I was hooked. We have been getting Chinese takeout regularly from Red Bowl in Port Orange for a couple of years now, and we love it!

The dishes we like (we change up what we order each time) include the mei fun, lo mein, sesame tofu, general Tso's tofu, and vegetable fried rice. Their tofu dishes are great!

If you are looking for good Chinese takeout in Port Orange give Red Bowl a try. We always order online, which is easy, and then it's ready in about 15-20 minutes (with the exception of New Year's Eve). 

Two thumbs up for the Chinese takeout at Red Bowl in Port Orange! It's our go-to Chinese takeout restaurant.

- Jacqueline


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