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Top 4 Tips for a Fun Birthday Party


Throwing a birthday party for your little one can be incredibly stressful. You need to pick the right venue, choose a cool theme, and most of all, you need to make sure everyone has fun. However, seeing the look on your child’s face when you pull off the best birthday bash ever will make it all worth it. Here are a few pointers to help you throw a successful birthday party.

Entertain Your Guests

Use your imagination and keep your guests entertained with an array of activities. Rope in an entertainer, set up some party games, and choose at least one party piece that will get kids talking for months after the party. If you want to make your child’s birthday extra special, then set up Sugar Rush Falls in your backyard. Sugar Rush Falls is a potato sack carnival slide, and you can rent it from Fun Crew USA. This giant attraction will keep guests entertained throughout the party, and kids (and adults) will love the thrill of racing each other down the three slides. 

Determine a Venue

Sure, hiring a venue for the day is an easy option, and there is potentially less work involved for you. However, if you have space, then why not try and host the party at home? There is a lot of flexibility with this option, and the money you save by not hiring an external space can be used towards fun party items instead. Not to mention, you will have full control of how you utilize your space, the amount of money you spend on food and drink, and you can decorate it however you like.

Create a Guestlist

Depending on your child’s age, inviting the whole class is a great way to make sure everyone feels included. In addition, the lead-up to your child’s party will be incredibly exciting for them if they can talk about it with all of their friends at school. Older kids may prefer to invite close friends only, and this is okay too. Just make sure you teach your child to be considerate when they hand out their invitations. Or you can seek out each individual parent and hand them out yourself. The last thing you want is to make other children feel excluded. Besides physical invitations, you can also reach out to parents through social media or by text messaging them personally. This way, you will be sure to receive an RSVP from everyone.

Choose a Theme

Themed parties are a lot of fun to plan, making an event much more memorable. You can base all of your party decisions around your theme. This includes invitations, decorations, food, and entertainment. When choosing a theme, your main priority should be your child. It is their birthday party after all. Inevitably, there will be many pictures circulating social media afterwards, and you will probably want to make everything picture perfect for your Insta. However, try not to go overboard. It is often the little details that make a themed party special.


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