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My son is now playing soccer in Sanford as part of the Orlando City Youth Club. One of my friends was going to be in that area doing some shopping, so we decided to meet up for a quick dinner while he was at practice. I suggested that we go to Fresh Kitchen in Lake Mary (12 minutes from the soccer fields), since I found their online menu intriguing. 

This is a chain restaurant that I had never heard of until yesterday. Turns out, they have 11 locations in Florida. Living in Port Orange, this one is the closest to home and is about a 40 minute drive. This restaurant is bright, cheery, and clean. You go down the line to place your order, kind of like going to Subway or Chipotle. They serve bowls, so you choose the size of bowl you want, which will determine how many different items go into it and what your price is. 

I chose to go with the four bowl, which has two bases, one veggie, one protein, and one sauce. There are so many good options that it's difficult to narrow it down. I thought about getting the next bowl size up, so I could try more things, but I didn't want to end up with too much food, and didn't know yet if I even liked the food there. For my bowl, I chose cauliflower mash, cold sweet potato noodles, chilled tofu caprese, and maple glazed sweet potatoes. For the sauce on top, I chose the balsamic. When it comes to drinks, they have plenty to choose from. They have a variety of fresh brewed teas, with most being unsweet, and they have soda fountain drinks, and all the soda uses natural cane sugar (no high fructose corn syrup!).

My bowl looked really good and I couldn't wait to dig in. To drink, I opted for an unsweet berry tea. I barely put any balsamic on it, because I wanted to see what it tasted without it, and I liked it as is. Everything was so good! I liked every item. Everything was great. While my dish was all vegan, my friend's was not (she had some kind of meat, but I didn't ask her what it was). She really liked it as well.

This place is great! I loved the food at Fresh Kitchen and will certainly go back again. It would be great if they opened one up in Port Orange so it were closer for me. Two thumbs up for Fresh Kitchen!



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