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Review: Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant at DeLeon Springs


We've been to DeLeon Springs State Park many times over the years, and I've always wanted to eat at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant. But it never happened... until today! It seemed that every time we went the wait time didn't work out right. Now that school is back in the park was not busy and we knew we'd get in so we could finally try the restaurant.

We arrived at DeLeon Springs at 10 am and got right into the park without any way. Once we got our chairs set up we walked over to the restaurant to check in how long the wait was. The woman said it was 1 hour to 1.25 hours wait. Perfect! We put our name on the list and went into the spring. Well, in just 15 minutes our name was being called. Yikes, we were in the spring! We hurried over, drying ourselves off as best we could, not wanting to risk losing our spot.

We knew going in that we were going to go try the vegan pancakes, but I also wanted us to order one of the veggie burgers, just so we could share it and see how it was. It was the first time we got to finally try the place, so I had to do it! They fired up the griddle that was in front of us and within minutes our pancake batter and blueberries arrived. The griddle was hot and we got to work making our pancakes. 

About the time our pancakes were done, the veggie burger came out as well, so we had plenty of food to try. The pancakes were good! They tasted better than they looked. The batter is a stone ground mixture that is homemade, and it was really good! The veggie burger seems like the Morningstar Farms garden burger I've tasted before. It was pretty good. I really liked the bun and the fresh veggies that it was topped on. It was served with chips, which I saved for an afternoon snack. 

I would go back to dine again at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill, providing I could actually get in. After all, it took me a long time to finally make the timing work to try it out. The food was good, the service was good, the staff was friendly, and we enjoyed the experience. Two thumbs up!

Once we finished eating it was back into the spring we went! We ended up staying at the park until later in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, so went in the water several times, read in the shade, and just relaxed. The spring is always beautiful and today it wasn't busy, so it was extra great. I feel we are so lucky to have the great springs we have here in Volusia County!




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