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Today, every child has different toys that fill all shelves and drawers. Nowadays, it's also difficult to find a kid who wouldn't be busy playing with gadgets. Therefore, conscientious parents try to limit the amount of time their child spends on a computer game or a smartphone.

Instead, they buy educational games for their daughters and sons. It helps develop children's interests, hones skills, and unleash their creativity.

So, for those who like to create something with their own hands, there are games that allow them to create paintings, crafts, and other art objects they give to parents or decorate rooms. For children who are inclined to learning, interested in science, or like to read, there are special educational literature, virtual books, and applications.

Well, there are many unusual and fun games on the market designed for kids of all ages. In this short article, we've compiled a list of top creative items that you can take into account when considering what to give your child or your friends' kids.

Board games

Board games are popular not only among children. Pupils, students, and adults often feel the urge to spend the evening with the company playing the addicting "Mafia", the "Tower", or even the usual card games. Board games generate interest in something new in your child, train logic, memory, erudition, and strong interaction with other players on the team.

A thing for a comfortable sleep

All children have their own favorite thing or toy, which they never part with and even sleep with it. For girls, it can be a doll, and boys prefer superheroes, dinosaurs, robots, etc. But what if you give your child a pillow that he will sleep at home with, take on the road or camp?

Pillows with a picture of the pet, or your son's favorite character, or a family photo would be a great warm gift to be appreciated.

Modeling materials

Children from a very young age show interest in everything that can be picked up and touched. If you know that your child will definitely like it, give him a sculpting kit. At the same time, the materials can be different: clay, gypsum, sculptural plasticine, or special dough for modeling. By doing something with his own hands, the child trains the imagination develops creative imagination and fine motor skills of the fingers.

The only thing that a parent should focus on is the color of the material. Find the ones that your child likes. Also, take several different colors to make him interesting to work with, learn how to mix colors, and develop a sense of color.

Constructor for huts

One of the kids' home entertainment is undoubtedly building barricades of chairs and blankets in the center of your apartment. Moreover, most of us also liked to gather groups of friends and build huts in our room or the yard in childhood.

With such a fastening system, you can easily build forts with your child. To easily create a castle, dome, or tower, you only need to change the position and angle of the bindings and cover this frame with fabric.

Creator's kit

Now, the market is saturated with a large number of different creative tools. There is a set of paints, brushes, and paper blanks for coloring. If your child is passionate about drawing, then this gift will be just the way. You don't even have to search for all the necessary materials separately – all the basic colors, paper, and tools are already inside.

The second option is suitable for the diligent. These are kits for embroidery or knitting. Such handmade types require special care, caution, painstaking work, and perseverance. If your kid is too active, try to interest him in a new hobby, which may help to cultivate these useful qualities.

Another good gift might be a woodburning kit. Your son may like this if he loves to create something with his own hands. Such a set may interest not only him – together with a dad they'll find something to work on and the joint creative process will be more interesting.

Musical instrument

Music is one of the types of therapeutic effects. Many mothers sing songs to their children before bedtime or play a quiet classical melody that makes the child relax and fall asleep faster.

If your kid loves music, singing, or dancing to it, then it's worth allowing him to learn how to play it on his own. In this case, a small children's guitar or mini-synthesizer can be a great gift. If you feel that such toys are no longer suitable for your child's age, you can buy a shark or a real acoustic guitar, a full-fledged children's synthesizer.

Playing musical instruments teaches a kid to see and reproduce what he has seen, to hear and imagine what he has heard. Consequently, it develops all types of perception – auditory and visual, as well as all types of memory – figurative, auditory, visual, associative, motor.

Augmented Reality Globe

Now there is a huge number of technologies that help us cope with everyday household chores, including raising a child. Augmented reality globe is integrated with a special app that contains more than 1000 facts about continents, regions, cities, animals, etc.

How does it work? Using the tablet camera, a specific area on the globe is scanned and the necessary information is displayed on the screen. So, children can easily learn about the world while playing.

Puzzles or riddle books

Do you have a child in your family or among friends who love to play detective? Going out for a birthday to your nephew, you can gift him such a book, or the same magazine with conundrums. It develops critical thinking skills, deductive thinking, and logic. To find more ideas for a personalized gift – click here.

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