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LED Bike Wheel Lights Review


Last year in December, I saw someone riding a bike with their wheels lit up for Christmas. I loved it! I was on a mission to make sure that the following Christmas I would have the same. This year, my whole family had their bike wheels decked out with Christmas lights. It was such a hit! We were biking around Sanibel Island, which is an incredibly bike friendly town, and everyone was telling us how they loved the lights. 

I picked the multi-colored ones, but my family picked to have their wheels done in their favorite color (blue, red, etc.). It was so much fun for the festive season. 

My husband and I put them on the bikes. I highly recommend watching the YouTube video the company has to help show how to put them, as well as read the directions. At first it was a little confusing, but it took only minutes to get it figured out. Once we got the first one on then all the others were easy, because we knew the process. 

The lights stay on the wheels and there's a little battery pack with an on/off button. They are really easy to use.

Two thumbs up for the Activ Life Bike Lights, which I purchased off of Amazon! Can't wait to use them again next December. Until them, we'll take them off and store them in the garage.

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