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Want a fun and enriching experience for your family? Consider hosting a foreign exchange student for one month this summer!

The Step in Florida program is looking for families in Volusia County to host a student from Spain for one month during summer 2022. The program is free, fun, and enriching for your whole family. The students in the program are are teens and are coming to the area to hone their English skills and learn about American culture. You will just need to provide them with a bed, meals, and treat them like one of the family.

See the list of available teens below to see which one would work well with your family. After you are paired up with your student, you will be able to contact them before they ever arrive, so you can start getting to know one another. Once they arrive, you will pick them up, take them home, and help them blend in with your family, so they can see what it's like to be a teen in America. 

Students will arrive June 26, 2022 and will leave to go back home on July 24, 2022. 
Host families provide a bed, meals and a warm supportive environment.  All students speak English and come with their own spending money and medical insurance. The Step program has a few group activities planned during this time. These include Sea World, the alligator swamp park in Waycross, GA, and  Top Golf. They will also be spending a day at the beach and taking a walking tour of St Augustine. Your student will leave on those days to go take field trips with the group. Your family will be able to join in if you would like to and may be able to get discounted tickets to participate.

Want to learn first hand what it is like to host a foreign exchange student? Read Jacqueline's review post on VCM to see what her experience was hosting a student. Jacqueline has hosted a student twice and highly recommends trying it out.

To learn more about the program or ask questions, contact Monica at 386-316-6017, or email her at

Here are the students who are currently in need of a family to host them:

#3 Martin, 16 year old boy
He enjoys surfing and sailing. He would like to be an engineer, and he plays the saxophone, likes cooking, tennis, indoor games, and bicycling.

#1 Marta, 16 year old girl
She likes math and physics, and hopes to be engineer or architect. Marta plays piano and is into gymnastics. She also like volley ball, watching TV, dance, and music. She is looking forward to teaching you about Spain.

#7 Javier, 14 year old boy
Javier is an intense soccer player, playing four days a week. He also enjoys tennis, music, travel, and bicycling. He is a fun person and likes math. He wants to be engineer.

#6 Unatz, 17 year old boy (he is allergic to kiwi)
He enjoys dancing, music, TV, photography, singing, shopping, indoor games, handcrafts, and dogs.

#9 Irene, 16 year old girl
She likes animals, traveling, music, reading, swimming, and biology.

#2 Eider, girl age 14
She would love to stay in St Augustine and would like to open her own fashion shop one day!

#15 Ohiane,  girl age 15
Enjoys the gym, gymnastics, reading, shopping photography, hiking and watching TV. Plays guitar and piano, really likes animals.
#11 Ainara no application at this time girl age 14
#17 Nadeth age 16 Likes little things that make a big difference, she is a hard worker who tries to cheer her family and friends up offering a smile and being king and passionate. Enjoys books and films about everyday life. Enjoys economics, chemistry and math. Loves the beaches has always dreamed of going to USA!
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