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Using a slipcover to give a chair new life!


I have this chair in my office. I bought it a few years ago at Big Lots for around $100. The material is some kind of vinyl (under the slip cover), and it has not aged well! Yet it's barely been used. The cat will sleep on it and once in a while someone sits in it for a short period of time, but it hasn't been used much at all. Despite this, the vinyl material is simply flaking off all over it. The back, the arms, the seat, it's all coming off and it looks terrible. Yet I wasn't ready to ditch the chair, I wanted a better option.

I found slip covers for bucket chairs like this and I was excited. There are many different styles and patterns to choose from. I selected this one, because I loved it right from the start. I scrolled through the other options, but had my heart set on this one. It matches my office colors and I love the pattern. The bucket chair slip cover was delivered yesterday and my daughter put it on for me. It took just a couple of minutes and the chair looks great!

The slipcover is soft and looks nice. So far we love it! It's one that can be pulled off and thrown into the washing machine, too. With this, I have given my chair a few more years, and it looks great again. The slipcover is around $24, but the day I bought it there was also a coupon for 5% off that you could apply. Plus, I received free shipping.

Two thumbs up for the tub chair slip cover

- Jacqueline

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