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Review: Pho Company Noodle House in DeLand


We spent a lovely morning at Blue Spring State Park, snorkeling and tubing in the refreshing spring. Once we were done, we wanted lunch, and decided to drive through DeLand looking for it. We decided to go to downtown DeLand, because I love that area. I love the way it looks, all the restaurants and stores, etc. It's just a cool place to be!

As we were driving through I spotted a place called Pho Company Noodle House, which offers Vietnamese cuisine. I was immediately interested and pulled up the menu. Yes, let's try that place out! I was surprised at how small the place was when we walked in, but I immediately liked it. It's such a cute little restaurant and it was busy, so  I figured the food must be good. We were promptly seated and put in our order. 

The three of us (my son went to soccer camp instead) ordered the fried tofu sandwich (bánh mì ) and we wanted to get one more main dish that we could all share as a side, and giving us something extra to try. The waitress suggested the rice and veggies with tofu. It wasn't long before the food was ready and we could dig in. It all looked great! The fried tofu sandwich has a great baguette that is topped with chunks of beautifully crisp fried tofu, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, sauce, and more. It was really good! We all split the rice dish and thought it was great as well. It had a nice fried rice, mix of veggies, and crispy fried tofu.

While most of their menu is not vegetarian or vegan, I love that they have a small vegan section, which we ordered from. Most of the dishes on their menu would not appeal to us, but it's a place where everyone can enjoy something, because they offer a nice variety. There's nothing I didn't like about this place. I love the little restaurant and atmosphere, the customer service was great, and the food was delicious. I will go back again for sure!

After lunch, we went into three neat store on the way back to our car (and bought a few things). Such a lovely day! It's hard to beat time in the spring, followed by a great lunch, and strolling in cool shops.

You check out the menu at Pho Company Noodle House, located in downtown DeLand, here.



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