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Students who know which colleges they would like to possibly attend may benefit from applying for early admission or early decision status.

Sometimes, some students know exactly which colleges they wish to apply to. Some need or want the extra time to consider their options after they've been accepted and before they enroll for the first semester of classes. Other students may have college plans ready to go and want to get the process taken care of well in advance of high school graduation.

For these students, the early admission or early decision application process may be a favorable option. Sometimes applicants search for a personal essay writer to get help with all exams to get good grades and enter college. Students who apply for early admission or decision need to keep a couple of key points in mind before submitting application materials early.

What Is the Early Admission / Early Decision Process?

Many colleges give students who are sound in their college decisions the option to apply for early admission or early decision. These options include an application due date that is much earlier than deadlines for normal applicants; early admission and decision deadlines usually being sometime between mid-October and mid-November for the following academic year.

Interested students should make sure that all of their application materials, including entrance exam scores from the ACT or SAT, transcripts, and other items such as auditions or college admissions essays are submitted by the early decision deadline; otherwise, a student's application will be moved into the pool with the regular decision applications.

Binding and Non-Binding Early Admission / Early Decision

There are two types of early admission / early decision acceptance statuses: binding and non-binding.

Students who are applying to a school with a binding early decision option should be certain as to which college or university is their top choice. This is because colleges and universities with binding early admissions programs require students accepted under this option to enroll at the school; applying for early admission under binding programs means that students if accepted, are signing an agreement to enroll at the college or university for the upcoming academic term.

Non-binding early decision programs simply provide students with an accepted or denied decision well in advance of applicants who have applied under normal conditions. There is no agreement stating that the students have to enroll at an institution if they are admitted under a non-binding early admissions program.

Benefits of Applying for Early Admission / Early Decision

Regardless of the structure of a college or university's early admission or early decision application process, there are several benefits to taking part in this program.

Students who are applying to colleges and universities that are very large, such as state colleges and universities, may benefit from applying for early admission or early decision to gain acceptance into the institution. Some large schools, as well as some smaller colleges and universities that have widespread reputations, institute admissions quotas for incoming freshman classes. These quotas are meant to help control the consumption of resources, prevent student housing shortages, and in some cases, maintain the selectivity of an institution.

In addition, students who are accepted under an early admission or early decision program have more time to weigh the pros and cons of all the colleges and universities to which they have been accepted. After all, the best essay writing service reddit emphasizes that if a student is torn between two or more colleges, knowing where he or she has been accepted well in advance gives students more time to decide where they would like to enroll.

Students who have made a decision, or who have prioritized colleges and universities, benefit from early admission or early decision programs by having more time to apply for college financial aid to cover the cost of attendance at their desired school. With more and more students needing financial aid to cover part of the cost of college attendance, sometimes finding aid takes longer than in the past due to increased demand.

The early admission or early decision college application option is available for students who are looking to get a head start on the college application process, or simply would like to prepare to enroll in college well in advance of high school graduation. Those applying to college under these deadlines, however, will have to be organized and prepared to submit application materials well in advance to still be considered for admission under these guidelines.

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