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Today, I stopped in for lunch at a place called Chop Chop Korean, located at 2800 S. Nova in South Daytona. It's located near Reed Canal Park. I went there with classmates from a program I'm doing. It was one of the classmates that suggested the place, because he frequents it and thought we'd like to give it a try.

I was the only vegetarian in the group, so I asked the staff what vegetarian/vegan options there were and she pointed quite a few. Yay! I was happy to see that I could get some noodle dishes, ramen, rice, etc. I decided to get a dish called Jap-Che, which had glass noodles made from sweet potato, and then stir-fried with cabbage and other veggies, and I opted for the tofu for the protein source. Everyone else in the group ordered other dishes, with some getting ramen and others getting rice dishes.

I was pleasantly surprised that they bring little dishes of their kimchi to put on the table for everyone to share. It was so good! I love kimchi and this one had a great taste. My food arrived and it looked good, so I dug in. From the first bite, I loved it! It was really good. Very flavorful and the noodles and sauce had a great consistency. It was a lot of food, so I ate half the plate and took the other half home for my husband to try. The cost for lunch, not including the tip was $16.

Everyone in the group loved the food. We all want to go back again. I plan to try the ramen next time. So many things on the menu sounded good that it was hard to narrow down what to order. This restaurant offered great food and service. My only one complaint would be that there are too many televisions going, which is a bit distracting. I know many people like them in restaurants, but I prefer not so many.

Two thumbs up for Chop Chop Korean. I will certainly go back again, as well everyone in our group. 

To check out their menu, visit their site here.




Here we are, having fun!


Jap-Che with tofu


They offer family karaoke!


One of the meat dishes
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