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Volusia County Transformational Breath Classes

Review: Transformational Breath Session Experience


Today, I participated in a Transformational Breath session. It was part of a group of people I'm in class with, so I knew everyone that was participating in the group. While I've been a daily meditator for many years, I hadn't ever done any Transformational Breath sessions, so I was excited to check it out.

The session is taught by Emily Archer, who is a local certified leader in Transformational Breath workshops and individual sessions. She holds sessions on it around Volusia County for groups and individuals. She arrived and we set up the group to be in a circle, with everyone facing outward. She brought backjacks, which allowed us to comfortably recline back on a pillow. 

Emily did a brief introduction about what Transformational Breath is and got us warmed up and then settled in comfortable in our spaces. During the session, you are learning to breathe differently, while listening to some music, relaxing, and listening to her guidance. We don't typically breathe this way, so it's different and challenges you to get out of your comfort zone.

Breathwork can be powerful and those participating can have some emotions come up that they may not have realized they were burying. It can be quite healing for people to go through this and process the experience. For me, I only felt a moment of sadness when I heard someone in the group crying. I felt for them in hearing it and it made me feel sad. After that, I was comfortable and went through a range of thoughts, and by the end I felt really happy. I felt like I was kind of watching a piece of my life play back to me as if I were watching a movie. Out of nowhere, I was watching me and my family hiking in the mountains on our last trip to Nevada. I felt so much joy and gratitude, because it was a moment that I loved so much - being out in nature with the people I love.

For me, it was a positive experience that left me feeling happy and peaceful. Once Emily left, the group spent a half an hour discussing our individual experiences with the session. Several people had cried during the session, and all got something out of it. Everyone thought it was a great experience and that it was powerful. One person in the group had a profound experience and it will likely be life changing for her. Some people in the group say they plan to do it again. I am planning to send my daughter (who is 18) to give it a try, too.

There is research behind the idea of using breathwork to help reduce stress, anxiety, and heal. It can have a life-changing impact for some people. 

If you haven't tried a Transformational Breath session, I highly recommend it. I found it to be a great experience! Check out her page, Joy of Breath,  to get information on her upcoming sessions, or contact her to arrange a group or individual session. 


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