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I became a massage therapist!


I've been a writer/blogger for 19 years of May 2023. I love what I do! However, there's one thing I don't like, which is sitting all day long. A couple of years ago, I began growing tired of sitting in a chair all day long to work. I like to be more active and it was hard to sit so much. I wanted to add a way that I could be more up and active, and possibly get out of the home office a bit. I tried getting a standup desk, but that didn't work out so well. All along, I keep thinking about becoming a massage therapist. 

I believe in the natural health properties that massage therapy provides, which kept me interested in the field. There are so many natural health benefits! Every few months, I would say to my husband that I was thinking of becoming a massage therapist and doing it part time, while I continue to write/blog part time. Then months would pass by and I wouldn't do anything about it. Well, in May 2022, I said that to him again and he said "Stop saying you are going to do that, it's been years that you've been saying it. You are never going to do it." What?! That lit a fire under me and immediately motivated me to start looking into programs and doing more research.

I decided to start massage therapy school in August 2022, right after my kids went back to school following summer break. I went five days per week to massage therapy school and continued to write/blog in the evenings and on the weekends. I did this for five months and then finished the program at the end of January.  I took the MBLEX (state licensing exam) and passed it, and then moved on to starting my own business. My goal all along was to have my own little massage therapy practice, so that I had more control over my hours, and I could infuse it with my vision. I turned 52 in January, and at my age I'm embarking on a whole new career field that I'm excited about. I'm not leaving writing/blogging, but I'm adding something that I'll be doing a few hours per day that will allow me to get out of the chair, be more active, and interact with some people (hey, it gets lonely working in a home office for 19 years).

Well, I'm excited to say that as of today, my business is officially open for business! I opened Zensational Massage Therapy (#MA102063), located in New Smyrna Beach. I am renting a room in a charming historical home that has been converted for commercial use. It's in a great location right off of Canal Street and only about 15 minutes from my house. I know a lot of massage therapy places opt for dark rooms, but my vision was the opposite. I wanted a lot of natural light and I knew exactly what I wanted the room to look like (you can see pictures of how it turned out on the website). 

If you or someone you know wants a great massage in New Smyrna Beach or lives in the surrounding area, please give them my link. Also, I am offering plantar fasciitis care in New Smyrna Beach. My husband suffered with the condition for at least a decade, trying everything that had been recommended to him. Nothing helped, until I used massage therapy on him. It's been wonderful for helping with the condition. I also helped a fellow classmate with her plantar fasciitis while going to school. Trust me, it is something that actually works to get relief.

I'm now booking appointments for massage therapy in New Smyrna Beach. Feel free to check out the website, make an appointment, send the link to friends. I appreciate it! 

- Jacqueline Bodnar

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