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A few months back, a friend of mine told me about a restaurant in New Smyrna Beach called Cafe Del Sol. She thought it was something I would like and one look at the menu had me wanting to try the place. Months went by, however, because I kept waiting for a time that we could go together. That day hadn't come yet, so today I decided to check it out with my husband!

I gave him a massage at my new place, Zensational Massage Therapy, and afterward we walked over to Cafe Del Sol for lunch. It's literally a two minute walk, because it's just around the corner. As soon as we walked in I immediately liked the atmosphere. They have a nice diner and some cool vibes. We grabbed a menu and took a few minutes before placing our order at the counter. 

The whole menu at this restaurant starts out vegetarian. Then you can choose to make the dishes vegan, or you non-vegetarian, by adding chicken to them. You can also choose to add tofu to the dishes. What a great concept! We had plenty of options to choose from and numerous things caught our eye. My husband decided to get a quinoa wrap and I got the quinoa nachos. 

We took a seat and observed the diner as we waited for the food. When it arrived it looked great! The food at this place is made with fresh, clean ingredients. I love it! He liked his wrap, and I loved the quinoa nachos. When I ordered it, I had the feta cheese left off (I don't like feta), and I had the chipotle dressing put on the side in case I didn't like it (but it turned out that it was great!). The quinoa nachos were fresh, filling, and delicious. 

We both really liked this restaurant a lot and will be back for sure. I love that it's only a two minute walk from my business location, so I see more lunches in my future coming from Cafe Del Sol! Check out their website to see their menu, or stop by. They are located at 105 Magnolia, just off of Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach.



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