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Recently, we've been getting people who are knocking on the door and then running. It has happened here and there over the years, but lately it's happening frequently. And they are not always just knocking, sometimes they are pounding on the glass window. Well, I had been thinking about getting a camera for a couple of years, but didn't want to spend the money. So I set out to see what cheap options there were.

I found the Kasa Smart Indoor Security Camera. It was cheap and once you have it hooked up, the monitoring of it is only $30 for the whole year. That's not bad! I didn't want an expensive camera and I didn't want to pay a lot for the live feed usage of it. So this was ideal. I placed the order and waited for it to arrive.

Once I got the camera it took me literally minutes to set it up. I decided where I wanted the camera, which was in the front of the house so you can see who is coming up to the door. I downloaded the app, synced it up, and it was working. That quickly! I've had it over a month now and really like it. I can watch the live feed or access the clips anywhere from my phone. It does have voice capabilities, but I turned that off. I also turned off the night vision mode, because the videos looked better with it off.

I can click to watch the live feed of it at any time and it looks good. Then overnight it will record clips that detect motion and people. When I get up the next morning, I can see what clips it recorded. Easy! 

This camera is super easy to set up, gives a clear picture, records what I may want to see later, and serves the purpose. Only $30 for year for the service and the camera was cheap, too!

Pictured above: A clip of my daughter getting home from work (I took a screenshot of the video).


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