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Review: Bake Chop in DeLand


For a while now I have been wanting to try Bake Chop in Downtown DeLand. I have looked at their menu many times and was interested in trying the vegan TLT, which has BBQ tempeh and veggies. Well, today was the day that we finally made trying this place happen!

My husband and I skipped off to spend the morning at Blue Spring State Park. It was a lovely morning there! With schools being back in, it was not busy at all. It was lovely! And we had to big manatees swim under us as we floated down the run (we often have manatee sightings at this spring). Once we were done there, we decided to go to lunch, and I suggested Bake Chop in Downtown DeLand.

The restaurant is located in Artisan Alley, which has several businesses, along with benches, tables, etc. The restaurant was busy, so we took a pager and we were seated in around 10 minutes or so. We already knew what we wanted to order, because we made the decisions while waiting for the table. I ordered the TLT with fries, and my husband ordered the Stevo, which is a vegan bean burger, and he opted to have it with a side of plantains. 

When it was brought to us the woman said the burger was a bit well done and and if it wasn't to my husband's liking she would be happy to swap it out for a new one. He declined and didn't mind that it was cooked that way, he was up for trying it. We decided to swap a little of each other's sandwich, so that we could try both. I age my part of the burger first and I liked it. Then I went in for the TLT and it did not disappoint! I really liked it. The sandwich had the taste of the BBQ tempeh, along with the flavors of the veggies, and the bread. It was really good! I liked the fries, too. I tried my husband's plantains and they were also good.

Everything we tried was good, so we were happy with the experience. The food was good, the options were nice, and we had good service. Two thumbs up for Bake Chop, we will go back again for sure!






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